The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

CLIP Group's Publications in 2014

Articles in First-Level Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. N. Stulova, J. F. Morales, M. V. Hermenegildo. Towards Assertion-based Debugging of Higher-Order (C)LP Programs (Extended Abstract). Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 30th Int'l. Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'14) Special Issue, On-line Supplement, Cambridge U. Press, July 2014.

    CORE: A. Citeseer: position 188/1221 (top 15%), impact 1.21. Average position: top 24%.

Technical Reports and Manuals:

  1. N. Stulova, J. F. Morales, M. V. Hermenegildo. An Approach to Assertion-based Debugging of Higher-Order (C)LP Programs. Num. CLIP-1/2014.0, 26 pages, The CLIP Lab, January 2014. CoRR abs/XXXX.YYYY [cs.PL].

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